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Advanced Program: Exclusive Agency
Advanced Program: Exclusive Agency
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All hardware, software, cloud operations, background systems, data collection, information applications, and information security management are all served by us.
System introduction is fast, you do not need to develop the background, let alone invest in software and hardware equipment, so that you can reduce the cost of IT personnel and avoid the construction and maintenance costs set up server.
Advanced Program: Exclusive Agency
Device IoT intelligence
Add cloud operation function to your equipment and upgrade smart IoT devices
Device IoT intelligence
Device IoT intelligence
Device IoT intelligence
Real-time display of production capacity, yield rate, utilization rate, real-time machine status, and energy consumption of the equipment
All process data, and historical information are mastered at on time
ESG sustainable development
The energy data of the equipment is calculated and monitored in real time to understand the power consumption status and whether the energy consumption is abnormal, so as to achieve the enterprise's electricity cost saving and carbon reduction goals, effectively e-convert key data such as carbon emissions,carbon footprint, and carbon inventory to achieve low-carbon transformation
Utilize digital tools to accomplish Energy Management Systems (EMS), effectively digitizing critical data such as carbon emissions, carbon footprint, and carbon inventory.
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All kinds of equipment manufacturers, machine tool manufacturers, industry manufacturers with cloud connection needs
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