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Post-pandemic/Reorganization of the global supply chain/In response to increased and decreased future orders/Digital transformation is the best investment for enterprises
The smart manufacturing solution most suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) (1-200 people)
Irrespective of scale/Applicable to both new and old factories/One person can complete the digitization process
10 Major Functional Modules: Flexible Usage
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MES(Manufacturing Execution System)
Engineering drawings/operation instructions/whole process parameter records/establishment of standard/working hours/process records/Formulation of production/production history/engineering order and work order
Machine networking information IoT (Internet of Things) OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
Monitoring system (quantity/time/defects)/Monitoring of real-time status/Notifications for equipment faults/Notifications for production capacity/Utilization rate/Production capacity chart/Monitoring of production progress/Start-up time
QMS(Quality Management System Process)
Online inspection/Yield calculation/Notifications for yield defects/Specifications/Record of quality inspections/Equipment maintenance/Record of individual inspections/Notifications for regular inspections/Quality assurance
SPC(Statistical Process Control)
Production data (Correction/Maintenance/Efficiency)/Calculation of process working hours /Calculation of personal performance/Calculation of equipment capacity/Real-time efficiency with comparison to historical data
ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning)
Purchasing/Accounts receivable and payable/Warehouse inventory/Delivery of orders/Employee information/Payroll computation/Manufacturer information/Customer information/Product information/Consumables management
EMS(Energy Management System)
Smart meter/Detection of abnormal power consumption/Smart water meter/Detection of abnormal water consumption/Smart natural gas meter/Analysis of energy conservation/Maintenance report/Calculation report for carbon emissions
SCM(Supply Chain Management)
Establishment of ecosystem/Upstream and downstream relationship/Exchange of order database (real-time updates)/Purchase orders/Work orders/Delivery orders/Quality assurance/Inspection list for defective products
CMS(Cost Management System)
Description of cost structure (Direct costs/Indirect costs/Other costs)/Financial statements
Smart factory records
Production management/Accounting management/Quality assurance/Unit date information/Records/Notifications
Applications of peripheral functions
Fire protection/Security/Air conditioning/Electricity/Drainage/Access control/Lighting equipment/Environment monitoring/Air pollution/Sewage
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Comparison Table of Differences
Intellectualization of regular companies
  • High upfront communication costs
  • Long import time and slow efficiency
  • Dedicated IT staff required
  • Difficulties in learning to use
  • Increase in unnecessary work demands
  • The system does not necessarily work in the company
  • Difficult to integrate individual systems
  • Steep costs for establishment and import
Faster, more efficient focus on the industry
  • Fast import , completion in 7-30 days
  • Unnecessary to modify machinery
  • Can be used on both old and new equipment
  • No need to stop machinery or production lines
  • No need to install software, and no IT staff required
  • No need for re-wiring at the factory
  • No need to set up new servers
  • Full cloud management
Other systems supported for transfer
Suitable industries
Rapidly Improve Industry Efficiency
Manufacturing Industry
Electronics Industry
Chemical Industry
Energy Industry
Metal Processing Industry
Aerospace Industry
Automotive Industry
Medical Industry
Hand Tools Manufacturing
Mold and Die Manufacturing
Parts and Accessories Industry
Apparel Industry
Food Industry
Plastics Industry
Import of intellectualized process and time
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Complete smart transformation in 7 to 30 days
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